Sunday, 1 May 2016

A busy few days

 Last Thursday evening we hosted the U3A(University of the Third Age) Wine Appreciation Group.One couple normally do it but we offered to give them a break.Our friend Paul,sat at the end,said he would do the wine so we were left with providing nibbles to start and then cheese,olives etc half way through.and hosting it.Firstly, the house had to be cleaned(Iam not a fan of housework!).Secondly ,we had to assemble enough chairs,plates,glasses etc for 17.Thirdly, we needed 12 different cheeses.C wanted as many Welsh cheeses as we could find.We found seven.It was a great evening ,as always, spent with good friends.
 On Friday our middle granddaughter,Emily,was eleven.We went over after school and then all went for a meal at a Chinese restaurant.She is a beautiful girl,inside and out.Sarah,our daughter,nearly died the day Emily was born due to an incompetent anaesthetist.Thankfully it turned out OK and we have our gorgeous girls.
 I don't know whether I have shown you this before but it was on my camera to show the lady in our new yarn shop.All the flowers are crocheted.
 I am fed up of knitting socks,shawls and scarves.Every bed has a crocheted blanket as do all my grandchildren so what next.I decided I might have a go at these mittens and if they work out they would make good Xmas presents.
I have chosen two bright colours.I don't think the lady in the Yarn Shop approved but hey ho!
Just to finish I have to tell you how awful the weather is here in North Wales.It is cold and we have had sleet and hail for days on end.I just want some sunshine,just a little bit will do!

Any ideas for a new project would be welcomed.

Helsie,Kathy,Una,Bobo Bun,Jane where are you?Have you stopped blogging?

Love to you all.

Friday, 22 April 2016

My latest shawl.

 This is my latest creation.Rubbish photo I know but I just couldn't find anywhere to show it off without shadows so I ended uo putting it on our newly cleaned patio.The pattern is Matilda.The yarn isAlpaca 2-3 ply from John Arbon textiles.His name seems to be everywhere at the moment.
Here is a closeup of the is a 16 row repeat which gets easier as the repeat goes on.It was a 100g hank 90% alpaca,10% nylon.600m.It only took me two weeks to knit up and I only knit in the evening.Not bad eh!
We have just had a weekend down in Cambridge with our son and family and from there went on the train(Eurotunnel) to France for four nights.A chance for some great food and some wine buying.(Claire if you are reading this I promise to meet up with you for coffee next time!)The trouble for us is a six hour drive back from Eurotunnel home.A great chance for some sock knitting and a nap!!
I am now working on a shawl to take on holiday in May.Off now to watch Coronation Street and of course some knitting.See you soon with the completed socks and possibly another shawl.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone.Here in North Wales the weather is not good.Really heavy showers and cold.I have just had a text from my daughter who is in the Lake District and it is sleeting and hailing there.It is such a shame for cafes,ice cream sellers etc to have bad weather on a Bank Holiday Weekend.I think Easter ought to be fixed.What do you think?

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mothering Sunday

Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK.Every year our daughter ,Sarah,likes the routine of having a walk on the beach at Talacre,a picnic in the car and then call in on us on the way back.It never got above 4 degrees today and we actually had some snow overnight so they arrived to see us about 2pm and stayed for a couple of hours.We always have to have the three generations photo and here is today's.Me,Sarah(now been a Type 1 diabetic for 40 years) and our two gorgeous granddaughters,Emily,10 and Ruby,8.Whenever they come there is always lots of laughter and fun.I had a phone call from our son in Cambridge this morning and goodies through the post as well.His card arrived in the post yesterday and on the back was written"this card has been to New York and Boston"!!!He forgot to post it before he went away on business.
A lovely,lovely day.I love being a Mum but it is on days like this I miss my own Mum who died when I was 24 and never met my children.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Lunch out.

We had a free day today.Most unusual.So we decided that our destination would be the Corn Mill pub in Llangollen.(North Wales).We did a longer drive going through Corwen and Carrog and then on to Llangollen.This is the view looking one way from the pub.We have had so much rain recently so the River Dee is raging.The noise was deafening.
 This is looking the other way towards the bridge.
 This is in the pub.A lovely cosy atmosphere on a very cold day.It was only 4 degrees outside.A little bit about the building below.We came back up the Horseshoe Pass(spectacular scenery but forgot to take photos!)It only took us thirty minutes home.We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of Britain but I wish the weather was better.You can't have everything.Off now to caston a pair of stripy socks.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Can you believe it?

Overnight someone slashed two tyres on our bigger car.We live in a quiet cul de sac in a small market town but we have a public footpath that runs up one side of the house.This morning the car had a definite lean.We called the RAC rescue who came and patched the tyres up so C could get it to a garage.We reported it to the police because we wanted a crime number for insurance purposes.We thought that would be that but this afternoon we had a visit from the police who said that at least six other cars had had tyres slashed and they were taking it seriously.Unmarked police cars out tonight and more men on the beat.We ended up wasting a day and having to buy two new tyres just because of mindless vandalism!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Thank you!

Thank you for all your good wishes on my birthday last Saturday.I had a lovely day with lots of presents,cards,phone calls and texts.
Last night we went to the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall for an evening with Alexander Armstrong,pictured above.I doubt whether anyone outside the UK will know who he is.In the Uk he is known as a comedian,actor and host of a show called Pointless.What is not known about him is that he went to Cambridge as a music scholar and is classically trained.He has released a CD a short while ago which is top of Classic FM's chart.The evening was amazing .He sang loads of songs,played the saxophone and piano a little.His backing group/orchestra were very good too.The whole evening had a kind of jazz feeling to it but he has an outstanding voice and did not hit a wrong note.We came out buzzing.It was the first night of a UK tour.Catch it if you can.